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     Beijing Wan Lin fire is the professional product research and development center,which include professional production, research and development of fire detection smoke test device,Temperature probe test apparatus,Fire detector smoke temperature comprehensive test device. The center pioneered some patent productions such as China's first one-piece full functional fire detector with intellectual property tester, multi-function and gun smoke heating experiment, point type photoelectric smoke fire detector function test apparatus, smoke and heat tester.All products have passed the ministry of public security fire research institute of fire electronic quality inspection center detect certification (certificate NO.: Q20110006) and environmental testing certification (certificate NO. : 2010060180 u).The product plus smoke way uses the advanced green smoke electronic atomization technology, and smoke from all kinds of fragrance and green environmental protection, non-toxic, harmless, free from contamination, short residence time).The technology replaced the traditional way of BangXiang manner or aerosol smoke flue gas meter,the production using electronic sensors without manual switch,When using switch open gear start smoke or heat automatically when smoke 3 cm to 5 cm distance.Not only had the further promotion and smoke way but also excluding oil smoke cigarette smoke, whic can avoid BangXiang smoke and soot produced by oil cause secondary pollution to fire detector, Is the latest exclusive creation of fire detector test or inspection in the field of scientific research achievements .The production carry on the test for global smoke, temperature probe and compound detector, suction type smoke fire detector and so on .

       This product is a spray type fire detector tester updated products which combineing the advantages of detection tools at home and abroad in a carrier for fire detector test apparatus, filling the blank of similar products of a single function. We in line with the market competition of "base on China, global service" concept to create "Wan Lin" brand, adhering to the advanced design concept and professional technology to support, devoting to the fire detector test device for the development of new products continuously, providing professional products for firemen.。